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Engineering Service Learning - Ghana

Welcome to our Engineering Service Learning course webpage! Akwaaba!

This program is designed to introduce and teach students the concepts of humanitarian engineering by utilizing proactive, meaningful, authentic, real-world, international engineering service-learning experience. In simple words, using technical skills to help humanity.

We work in collaboration with the Knowlton School of Architecture, City and Regional Planning and established in-country partners, the Offinso North District Assembly to collectively develop useful sustainable technologies in fields such as housing, community planning, cultural planning, biogas and solar energy, healthcare, water, sanitation, agriculture, education, governance, and economic development.

During the fall semester, we will assess the needs, then research, design, develop, prototype and plan various engineering solutions to meet needs determined by the local communities. We will travel to Ghana during winter break for two weeks and will implement and evaluate these projects.

Student teams will evaluate the cost, sustainability and local ownership of the projects, as well as the entrepreneurial opportunities that could be developed as a result of the projects. Following the in-country travel, students will document their accomplishments and present the projects to faculty, staff, administrators and other students.

For more information about the service-learning program in Ghana, visit the OIA Study Abroad website.

All past documents and presentations are available below:

 Year      Final Documentation  Presentation
2015  Biogas Alternative Energy Documentation - PDF   Biogas Alternative Energy Presentation - PDF
2015  Solar Energy and Electric Power Documentation - PDF

  Solar Energy and Electric Power Presentation - PDF


 Water Filtration (Biosand) Documentation - PDF   Water Filtration (Biosand) Video Presentation - Youtube