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Engineering Service Learning - Montaña de Luz

From the ECOS (Engineers for Community Service) website:

Montaña de Luz is an orphanage in Honduras that is home to many children affected by HIV/AIDS. In 2005, ECOS began working with the orphanage as an academic service-learning program that provided students a glimpse of the world of humanitarian engineering and an opportunity to apply knowledge, resources, and skills learned throughout their education to a real world, service-learning experience. Students will be driven to study and analyze the impact of sustainable technology and the impact their solutions and analysis could have at MdL.

Past projects at MdL include:

  • Constructing a tilapia pond for a food source and potential business venture for the orphanage
  • Repair and restructure a biodigester that provides an efficient composting method and methane to be used for fuel
  • Improve the infrastructure of the orphanages computer lab to provide a better environment for learning
  • Rebuild a backup generator and hard-wire to the kitchen through a transfer switch to maintain food and medicine supplies
  • Analyze and replace different areas of the orphanage's water distribution system
  • Improve the orphanage's water purification system

The service-learning program consists of two parts. The first is a three credit-hour class taught during Spring Semester where students will study and research various issues and solutions relative to their project. The second part consists of a three credit-hour study abroad trip to MdL during Spring Break where students build and implement their solution.

For more information about the service-learning program in Choluteca, visit the OIA Study Abroad website.
Prior final documents are available below:
 Year  Final Documentation  Presentation
 2015  Drip Irrigation - PDF  Drip Irrigation Team - PDF
 2015  Electric Generator Installation - PDF  Electrical Team - PDF
 2015  Water Quality - PDF  Water Quality Team - Prezi
 2014  Wind Generator Documentation - PDF   Wind Generator - Prezi
 2014  Water Documentation - PDF  Water Presentation - Prezi
 2014  Aquaponics Documentation - PDF  Aquaponics Presentation - Prezi
 2013  Computer Final Documentation word  Computer Presentation - Powerpoint
 2013  Kitchen Final Documentation - Word  
 2013  Water Final Documentation - Word  Water Presentation - Powerpoint
 2012  Water Distribution Final Documentation - Word  Water Distribution Presentation - Powerpoint
 2012  Water Quality Final Documentation - Word  Water Quality Presentation - Powerpoint
 2012  Water Supply Final Documentation - Word  Water Supply Presentation - Powerpoint
 2011  Biodigestor Final Documentation - Word  Biodigestor Presentation - Powerpoint
 2011  Computer Final Documentation -PDF  
 2011  Tilapia Final Documentation - Word  
 2010  Assessment Final Documentation - Word  
 2010  Energy Final Documentation - Word  
 2010  Water and Agriculture Final Documentation - Word  
 2009   Computer Final Documentation - PDF  Computer Presentation - PDF
 2009  Water Final Documentation - Word